First Impression Report

As a realtor, designer, stager and renovator, I look at homes from two perspectives. As a realtor, I look at homes from a value perspective, which of course includes how the home is built, the location, the condition of the home as well as how well it shows relative to other similar properties. I'm often dismayed to walk into a home that is in really good condition with great bones, yet shows so poorly, because I know that this translates into the seller leaving money on the table during negotiations.

As a designer and stager, I know how important the first impression is to most buyers. How the property shows tells the buyer a lot about how they should negotiate the purchase price.
A home that looks fresh, clean and open and well kept with some updates is a property that all buyers respond to favorably. If a home has great curb appeal that continues as you step into the house and has emotional value, buyers will always respond favorably. This translates into a higher sales price.

Conversely, a home that is outdated, tired, or just poorly dressed elicits an entirely different response from buyers. My First Impression Report is a detailed written report of items I would reccomend be addressed prior to putting a property on the market.

This always starts with the front door, the front porch, the walkway and the windows. Never overlook the power of a good cleaning, a fresh coat of paint on the front door. Clean windows, a new door mat, and a pot of cheery plants by the door says to a buyer - I'm ready for you to love my home! When buyers see a clean, well cared for home that has been shown some love, they assume it's in good shape. This pays off during negotiations.

My fee is $250.00 to do a complete walk thru of your home, write up a detailed written report of improvements I would do before putting the house on the market. I will list them in order of importance, so if you have to make decisions on how many improvements you can do within your budget, you will have a blueprint to work from. It's worth your time and energy to make your home ready for today's demanding buyers.

Spoiler Alert:
Paint! Fresh paint in a neutral light color is always in style, always favored and is such an easy change. That dark blue dining room you loved so much 12 years ago may not be what buyers are looking for today and could be the very thing that turns a potential buyer away.

"You only have one chance to create a first impression."